The Adventurous Mum

The Adventurous mum is here to inspire others. To show them that travel as a family is an option, not just something we have to do during a gap year whilst we’re single or young.

To show that life isn’t all about, school, college, uni, house, marriage and then kids…that moment that everyone will tell you that’s the end of having fun for the next 18 years. You’ll even tell yourself, you’ll do that when the kids are older, heck, you’ll do that when you retire. What kind of life are we all living if we’re following that exact same path? What is that doing to our mental health when we aren’t reaching that exact path but everyone else is? Are you a failure?

HELL NO. You’re living YOUR life. I’ve heard it so often but honestly, we only have one, let’s take risks, let’s make mistakes. Because if risks aren’t taken and mistakes aren’t made, we won’t find the excitement, the freedom, the love for this life were all bless with. What if I was to tell you, you don’t have to get a house. You don’t have to get married. You don’t have to have kids. What do YOU want to do in your heart right this moment?

So who are we to talk? Here’s our story…


Our story,

When Stu was 13 years old, he had no idea his wife, (ME!) was just being born in the next town along from him. Coming from completely different worlds we somehow connected, and we fell in love instantly, I stayed in his flat after our first date and i never left! 

We went on adventures together immediately, after 8 months we were married, we travelled some more and in two years we were bless with Indiana, we decided in that moment that our life wasn’t going to stop and we’d do everything we could to keep travelling. Two years after that, we were blessed once again with Phoenix. 
Is this the moment we had to settle? 

Nope, we decided shortly after that we’d rent our house out, and move in to a caravan on friends land. We’d use the money saved on bills and irrelevant outgoings each year to travel. It meant we could travel for half of the year EVERY YEAR. 

Shorty after we made the lifestyle change, The Adventurous Kids were born. Our Children’s books series based on all our adventures! 

But this right here is our very own story that we get to write for the rest of our lives, what will the next chapter hold? Follow our adventures on social media and subscribe to our book updates here ❤