You’re brave! 

“You’re brave, travelling with two young children.” Something we hear all the time. I don’t quite understand this question. For me travelling is part of parenting and motherhood, it’s making the most incredible memories for our family and an amazing bonding experience for us all.
I find life at home with children, exhausting, SO much harder than I do travelling! Of course it has its ups and downs, to be expected no? I am fortunate at home to not have to go off out to work, Stu works hard, extremely hard, which means I am often left alone and with little support network around us I am alone a lot to deal with things. So when we are away and I have 100% of Stu’s help and attention, new things to see and do everyday and not having to go to appointments or clean the house. Life is sweet. Mix that with sun, and seeing the world, I am living the dream. 

There is a massive persona around travelling with children and it being awful. Personally I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to show their children different sights, colours and people. It comes with its difficulties of course but with the right planning and organisation you can minimise any problems you think you might be hit with. For example, we knew going on a road trip with a child who has recently been potty trained was an accident waiting to happen, we took pull up nappies whilst we were in the car. If we hadn’t of done we would of either been pulling over every half hour or end up with a flooded car seat! Yuk! We just made a point of her going to the bathroom at every opportunity so she didn’t get lazy with it and ruin all the hard work of potty training.
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