World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding under a towel in Vegas hiding from the sun

In aid of world breastfeeding week I want to celebrate breastfeeding. DUHHH, what else would we do this week! 

Breastfeeding on top of the Grand Canyon

So I have been breastfeeding now for almost 3 years. 3 fricken years! That’s just crazy, if someone had told me 3 years ago I’d still be breastfeeding this long I would have laughed in their face. (And I’m still going!) I guess you can’t really put a time on these things, it’s a natural thing so how anyone could put a time limit on it is beyond me – in my opinion. I feel a sense of warmth knowing a mother was able to breastfeed their baby, it’s incredible and the most enriching feeling to be able to do that for your child, to see your body being capable of things you never realised. There are endless amount of benefits that come from breastfeeding, not just to baby but also to the mother. I will list some of my favourite facts further down this blog as I know a lot were a shock for me to learn too! 

Breastfeeding on top of Pikes Peak

But what I really want to talk about, and perhaps my ultimate benefit from breastfeeding – and even extended breastfeeding, is the fact that I am able to go wherever, whenever with my babies. I do not have to think ahead, plan ahead, I can up and leave, if they are due a feed, no problem. For me, I haven’t had too many problems with breastfeeding like some mothers do, for me – and many others too, it’s incredibly easy (now). Of course at the beginning it’s tough and there’s a huge strain on the mother but it pays off, it becomes so much easier than you could ever imagine. When we take a flight and my babies ears have popped, breastfeed. They have conjunctivitis, breastmilk. They fall over and nothing else can comfort them, breastfeed. They need a little help to get to sleep, breastfeed. It is endless, there are so many times I have been so grateful that I’ve been able to breastfeed. Along our travels I’ve had some of the best experiences breastfeeding, I’ve even created relationships with women in Asia, America and the Caribbean through breastfeeding. I am able to feed on the go, on a boat in Halong Bay, on the underground in London City whilst baby wearing. Anywhere. Literally. 

Breastfeeding on Virgin Airlines

You know when you first have your baby it’s fucking hard as hell. They cry constantly, you think they are still hungry because we know we’ve done everything else for them. You can’t pass them off to anyone or have a long break. You’re in pain each and every feed. You struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard work, it really is. But it’s SO amazing, it’s hard to explain but once you get through all them shit times, the good days become more and more frequent until it just becomes normal and easier everyday. 

Breastfeeding on a Caribbean Island (can’t remember where!)

So I wanted to share some of the benefits that may not be so well known that I found fascinating. 
* Breastmilk changes its temperature depending on how your baby is feeling

* Breastmilk can prevent babies from becoming overweight

* Breastfeeding burns 500 fricken calories each DAY for the mumma! – gotta be one of the best facts right?!

* Errrr it’s FREE!! – obz

* It lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer

* Can protect your baby from infections and diseases

* Can prevent SIDS.
Okay these clearly aren’t factual, I mean they are facts but I am no professional, I have not done studies on each of these things personally but just look it up on the line your self. All the studies and research are there for you to read. It’s amazing. Our bodies are amazing. I mean how the heck did women in the stone age feed their kids right?!

Breastfeeding in Vegas, again
Cuddles after feeding on top of the Grand Canyon

*I don’t want to make any mothers feel bad for not breastfeeding. I just want to celebrate the mothers who have been able to feed – or to provide information to women who are yet to have children*

Indiana as a baby
Phoenix as a baby

I have included this for any new mummy’s or any mummy’s to be as I think it could be pretty helpful – (I found this on the line but have lost the website after I copied it so thank you to the website for providing this information!) 
* A = Awareness. Watch for your baby’s signs of hunger, and breastfeed whenever your baby is hungry. This is called “on demand” feeding. The first few weeks, you may be nursing eight to 12 times every 24 hours. Hungry infants move their hands toward their mouths, make sucking noises or mouth movements, or move toward your breast. Don’t wait for your baby to cry. That’s a sign he’s too hungry.

* B = Be patient. Breastfeed as long as your baby wants to nurse each time. Don’t hurry your infant through feedings. Infants typically breastfeed for 10 to 20 minutes on each breast.

* C = Comfort. This is key. Relax while breastfeeding, and your milk is more likely to “let down” and flow. Get yourself comfortable with pillows as needed to support your arms, head, and neck, and a footrest to support your feet and legs before you begin to breastfeed.
And please. If you’ve just started breastfeeding and are struggling, I am more than happy to help or even to just chat and talk about things whilst it’s hard. The best advice I was ever given – never give up on a bad day. 

Breastfeeding in Moab, USA

Breastfeeding mid pumpkin photoshoot 🤣

So well done to each and every one of you that have managed to breastfeed their baby! I’d love to hear your experiences and how long you’ve been feeding too! ❤ oh and here’s a fun game to play. Share with me what boob award your currently at! 

Boobie awards or nursiversaries are milestones for breastfeeding families to celebrate time breastfeeding or nursing

  • Amethyst I tried my absolute hardest
  • Copper three month breastfeeding award
  • Silver six month breastfeeding award
Jade nine month breastfeeding award
  • Gold twelve month/one year breastfeeding award
  • Platinum eighteen months/one and a half year breastfeeding award
  • Diamond two year breastfeeding award
  • Ruby three year breastfeeding award
  • Tanzanite four year breastfeeding award
  • Opal five year breastfeeding award
  • Sapphire six year breastfeeding award
  • Palladium seven year breastfeeding award
  • Rhodochrosite eight year breastfeeding award
  • Emerald exclusive pumping breastfeeding award
Blue diamond tandem breastfeeding award
Pink diamond multiples breastfeeding award
Rose gold breastfeeding a disabled baby breastfeeding award
  • Pink tourmaline donating breastmilk breastfeeding award
  • pearl donor milk feeding breastfeeding 
  • black diamond supporting a breastfeeding partner breastfeeding award

Thanks to Tree of Opals for this fantastic chart! 

Breastfeeding at Bryce Canyon

So happy World Breastfeeding Week, share with me your award, talk about your breastfeeding journey and keep on boobing!!!!!
OH! And if you are local to Portsmouth, UK. Don’t forget to check out the FREE Give away we’ll be doing for our breastfeeding mothers on Butterworth & English Photography FB page in aid of World Breastfeeding Week. Keep an eye out on the page! 

Breastfeeding on top of a mountain in Colorado – shit I forgot the name. Stu will remember but he isn’t here 🙈
Again, just chillin on the Canyon, feeding

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