Driving in Europe for dummies

Okay, I am NOT an expert. But I’m just sharing the information that I know with you as I’ve had many message me. Hence why I’ve called it for dummies. Because I’m sure this is just the need to know basics on travelling around Europe.

So when we decided we would do a road trip around some of Europe we had under 48 hours to get everything sorted. I am just going to compile a list of things to give you the heads up before you head off over seas.

Okay so first things first, most of Europe have their own laws on what they expect you to have in your car. We had no idea until we were already on the road there, when we saw a Police car, it’s fair to say I shit myself. So please don’t make the same mistake or else you’ll feel like you’re Pablo Escobar driving through Colombia. (Yes I’ve just finished watching series two of Narcos, if you haven’t yet, make sure you do);

– Headlamp converters – Maximum fine = €90
– High Viz vest – Maximum fine = €135
– GB sticker – Maximum fine = €90
– Warning Triangle – Maximum fine €135
– Spare Bulbs – Maximum fine = €80
– There is even talk about Breathalysers, now although there is no fine. If you’re planning on drinking and then driving the next day maybe just invest in one.
– Oh and I believe you need snow tracks for your tires during the winter months, even if it’s not snowing.

In the UK we drive on the left hand side, get used to driving on the right, as if the speed limit that changes every minute for different vehicles and different weathers is hard enough to get used to. We looked up on the line what the different limits in certain areas was for our vehicle etc. Luckily in Europe most mobile networks now how free data roaming in Europe so just give your provider a bell and have a chat.

Also, call up your car breakdown cover, include European breakdown cover. And car insurance, inform them of your travels! 

Tolls, ahhh the beauty of Toll roads. they suck. Well they don’t, they are actually really nice to drive on, and I should hope so too after the amount we spent on them! So we found that France had the most toll roads which varied in prices anywhere from €2 to €20. Oh if you’re able to look this up before you go it might be worth it as it can save you time queuing up at the toll booths and i believe it gives a discount too. (I still need to check it out properly) its called Sanef, click HERE for more info. Oh and in Switzerland you don’t go through any tolls but you are required to pay for a road tax, which cost us £40 and that lasts a year. The sticker they give you goes just under your rear view mirror on the window.

So I think thats all I know. It’s not a lot but its a good start right?

OH! Don’t double park. They WILL claim you, we would know. HA! 
Oh and if you’re not from the UK or Europe. Good luck. Get to know our signs, thats a good start!


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