Creating opportunities to travel with your babies! 

Quite often myself or my husband has appointments we need to make in London. We could easily just keep the kids at home with one of us whilst the other makes the appointment. But where’s the fun in that? We always make a day out of it, today’s appointment lasted maybe a couple of hours? So we got up to London first thing, we drive as close as we can in where we know we can get free/cheap parking, then get a train/tube in. Indiana absolutely loves taking the public transport so it just makes for a fun experience for them.

In London there are amazing sights all around, so where ever the appointment is we generally spend time around or near there. Today we got lucky, it was right near Camden! I think this is my new favourite place, we’ve been here twice in the last month and we LOVE it! From the canal down to the food market – it’s just one of the most coolest and prettiest places to be around. So we made sure that we made a day out of it. 

So next time you have an appointment that might be a little further away, look up the area and see where you can take your little adventurers. You’ll be surprised at how accommodating places can be, many of my appointments they are happy for the kids to come along. Just prepare snack and they can be well behaved! It’s makes for lots of fun memories ❤️

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