27 Countries by the age of 3

Today we celebrate my daughter, Indiana’s, third birthday. Sounds crazy just saying that. It’s crazy to think that three years ago our life turned upside down, no longer just a fun, loving, independent adventurous couple, we were now a family. Things changed for a little while, although we still explored places locally, we both had so many places we still wanted to see in the world, so many ideas and trips that we had just said ‘we’d wait till the kids are older and go’. But why? Why wait? What an amazing opportunity we could give our daughter by travelling with her. So we done it, we booked up our first trip to Asia for just over a month. We loved it! We got the travel bug all over again, planning more and more trips, saved and saved to make them possible. 

Quicker than we ever thought, we would have a little three year old running circles around us who is more travelled than your average adult, who has seen some incredible sights, met some incredible people and has had the most amazing three years. What an amazing start at life she has had, we hope that this can inspire her when she’s older to travel, we hope this has planted seeds within her for her to grow in to a beautiful tree with strong roots. We are so blessed that we are able to give our children these opportunities, we want to do our best to make the most out of whatever situation we’re in, and I think we’re doing alright. 

If someone would have told me our daughter at the age of three would of gone to 27 countries, I think I’d of laughed and said that would be impossible for a normal family like us. But we’ve done it and it’s been amazing. 🙌🏽 I cannot recommend enough travelling with children enough, having kids does NOT stop you from living your life, it only becomes more magical ❤️ we look forward to bringing that number up in the following years, and making more incredible memories along the way. 

So here it is; the big list you’re all waiting for! 















St Lucia

The grenadines


St Maarten 

British virgin island

St Kitts 

America {5 states!}





Make your dreams happen people! 

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