Top 5 adventurous things to do on a rainy day with kids!

There is nothing worse than having toddlers running about the house all day bored and not able to burn off energy, just because it’s raining! Yeah there are a ton of things you can do at home but there is nothing better than being able to get out and explore! Read our top 5 things to do on rainy days…

1. Go out in to the woodland! Chances are there will be enough foliage deep in the woods to protect you from the rain, just wrap up warm and get your waterproofs on. Embrace it!!

2. Head to your closest beach, watch the waves crash against the shore, throw some stones in the sea, draw in the sand! Show the kids that it’s okay to be out and they will follow your lead (most of the time 🙈)

et on a bus/train or whatever and go somewhere you’ve never been before. ;If you have older children you can make a list of things you have to find/collect on your journey. (I do realise this photo is clearly a nice day on a train but it's my only train photo so give me a break 😅)

4. Check out some local museums, we have some of the best Museums around an hour out of Portsmouth, that are dirt cheap and can fascinate young minds for hours…(and even the adults!). These photos are from an actual museum – check them out at Weald and Downland, it’s amazing there!

5. Head down to the local pond/lake, feed some ducks. I know that’s a simple one but sometimes it’s the best. When it’s raining little legs don’t always want to walk far, so this is perfect for those times.

The best part about all of these are even if you come home soaked, it means you get to all have a nice warm bath, pj’s on early and you can all curl up on the sofa with a hot milk. Those are some of my prominent memories as a child, the ones when my toes were freezing, getting in to the bath and feeling them sting a little. Who really cares if you get a little wet?! Go out and keep making them memories!

Today was a typical English weather day, rainy, cold and windy. So we all wrapped up and got out to Cowdray Heritage in Midhurst, Sussex. It isn’t open until Spring but, we were able to walk around the grounds (which is absolutely stunning!), checking out all the nooks all around the castle and jumping in muddy puddles (cheers peppa). Phoenix got to wear his first pair of wellies and jumped in his first big puddle today also. I always carry our baby carrier out in case one of them start to struggle but today was the first time they have both walked the whole way, it was wonderful!

It may not be the most adventurous day of our lives but it’s certainly a day we’ll remember. Making sure we are always doing something to keep their little minds active and constantly learning and exploring something new.

So whatever the weather, get your little ones outside, keep exploring this beautiful world we live in, near or far.

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