The simple Egyptian package holiday

There we were 8 months since our last family adventure abroad. (Yeah yeah okay we did spend our Christmas in the amazing Scotland and spend a long weekend in Iceland, buuut I mean SUN!)

Stu had been working so hard and we hadn’t spent much time together, we were feeling drained and with a little buffer in our bank lurking we couldn’t help but search for cheap getaways. We looked at so many package holidays, we find Tui super easy to search for holidays. Many travel companies websites can be difficult to use, but we’ve always found theirs convenient when searching for trips. On some of their packages they do ‘one child goes free’ which is amazing! We looked at long haul and short haul, although we only wanted a week there is something more appealing to us about going longer haul – Mexico, Caribbean etc. But Egypt kept coming up and after lots of research we decided to just go for it, we booked one week all inclusive at Jaz Lamaya, Marsa Alam. We paid £1200 the for 4 of us, so good!

It was a strange feeling to us not having to book or do any other research but we just wanted to chill and spend time together, with no distractions, appointments, cleaning or cooking for a week. The flight was okay, staff were friendly and did all they could, the plane felt tiny though. For an almost 5 hour flight there was no room to walk up and down the aisle with Phoenix which proved to be difficult but once he fell asleep it was no issue, our Tula carrier saved us once again, on flights it truly is the best thing we could ever bring along to our travels. Once we arrived, we had to wait around for everyone to get on the transfer bus, now this is fine….but when you have a 18 month old that hasn’t been able to move for 5 hours having to wait around once again got frustrating, it was only a 10 minute transfer so we should have just got a taxi which would have been a better option and only €10, so it’s always worth exploring other options even if everything is included in your package holiday.

The hotel staff at Jaz Lamaya couldn’t help us anymore, beautiful hotel, with decent food and warm pools. They also have snorkelling and diving if you wish, if you dedicate an early morning to the fishes you will see some incredible life under water 🐠

Our hotel also had fantastic entertainment for children and adults, with games and exercising held throughout the days for adults and then the they had the kids club for the children which had a great shaded climbing area, indoor activity room and plenty more. You will also find hidden treasures around the hotel – we met some amazing friends during our week who showed us some tortoises who lived in a little hut, we played a fed them little guys often – totally cute!

It was really great for the kids, their children’s pools were all shaded too which is just perfect in the 35+ heat! All the pool temperatures were food too, although on our last day the baby pool was TOO hot and actually burnt my foot 😬 so just check all pools before you go in them!

So we really did just have a week of chilling, we could have gone out and done some tours, seen more of Egypt. But we didn’t, so I feel a bit of a fraud saying we’ve been to Egypt now BUT, we will head back there again and hopefully once Cairo is much safer we will explore the Pyramids and also Luxor. The Egyptian people are all so friendly and we felt incredibly safe in our hotel, I know many people did lots of excursions with no issues too.

We had a great experience with our package holiday and couldn’t recommend it enough, HOWEVER, we are now looking forward to our adventures even more now. We’re not ready to give up exploring the globe just yet! In fact, we have HUGE plans so head on over to my new YouTube channel to find out our latest travel plans, be one of the first to subscribe and follow our true family adventure!

Enjoy our photos, I didn’t take loads because well you know…chilling.

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One thought on “The simple Egyptian package holiday

  1. I agree, sometimes all you need is some chill by the pool to load the batteries. In my before-kids-life I would never imagine me doing this, hahahaha. Well different times, different needs.
    ps. Lovely pictures as always, Elle.


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