How we’re going to maintain travelling the world for the foreseeable future!

How we’re going to travel the world, WITHOUT giving up on everything!

I hear more and more each day of people selling all their possessions, house, furniture and car just to go travelling for a year or two with their family. That’s great and what an AMAZING experience for you all. But my problem with this is, what do you do after? Go back to a crappy job that you don’t love, go back to making appointments, doing the chores no one wants to do, basically having to adult.

That’s why we had to come up with a better plan, a plan that would continually allow us to travel the world each and every year for the foreseeable future! If that sounds like something YOU want, if the need to travel the world is burning inside of you then listen up.

Stop buying SHIT, live minimally. (Look up minimalistic living – there is a fantastic documentary on Netflix called Minimalism and also check out tiny living). If you’re yet to buy a house GREAT, you can stop looking at that dream home you’ve always wanted because heck, the bigger the house the bigger the bills, more cleaning and more spaces to fill with things that are irrelevant and do not make you happy!

If you have a house, also great! You have the choice to rent it out, maybe make some £££ on it, maybe just use it as a safety net, OR you can sell up, using the extra cash to kick start your travels.

Now, the most important thing is to revaluate your life. We have had long conversations about this and the lifestyle change we are entering in to is very exciting but one that is going to take some time, for us anyway. We have looked at everything in our house and said, does this make us happy? Do we NEED it? The amount of things we store in our lofts, under beds, the amount of toys our children have, we don’t need any of this. You need to look in to you and your families life and figure out what makes YOU happy. For us, we are at our most happiest when we’re away together, no interruptions, being able to explore and experience new and beautiful things. Our kids have the most amazing play room, but they don’t need any of it, using the earth as a playground makes them just as happy so why do we feel the need to keep buying our kids more and more toys, over stimulating them! Our house was just a base for us to stay in whilst we wasn’t enough money to go away again, so it seemed a no brainier to eliminate this huge cost. So overall we had to prioritise travelling over everything else, by doing this we’d be eliminating crap from our lives and have the focus for our passion.

What we’ve done is something anyone can do. We’re renting a caravan on private land to basically use as a base/storage for some of our possessions – things we NEED. We’ve figured that if we work for 6 months in total in our home country that would leave us 6 months to travel the world. Because we’re living tiny we will be able to reduce our costs of living down by 20k a year, enabling us to travel for such a long period each year. Anyone is capable of doing this, so if you want more for you or your family then just think about what it is what YOU really want out of life rather than following the pack with getting the job, car, house etc etc. Remember that doesn’t suit everyone so start thinking outside of the box!

We cannot wait to start our big venture in our new tiny home but due to commitments in 2018 it’s looking like we’ll be moving in early 2019, giving us plenty of time to make everything perfect. We don’t want to rush in to it and mess up the plan! For now, we have a huge year of exciting travels that had already been booked, including the big one in Australia at the end of the year!

I wanna hear from you! Do you think you could live tiny? Are you caught up in life? Forgetting what it is you truly want out of it! Tell me 😁

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