Fraser Island

Before we even booked our trip to Australia I knew I wanted to visit Fraser Island, I had came across a company online who made it look like such fun, I just knew the kids would love it.

We knew we couldn’t take just any vehicle over to Fraser, you needed a 4×4. Many of the companies we looked at were group bookings, we weren’t keen on the idea of sitting in a van with 15+ other people. When we do an experience like this, we get on with it, no faffing around. So going on group bookings can be a pain for us, we love having the freedom of being able to go to the next place or even just chilling out a little longer in other places.

We also weren’t sure if the kids were able to go over there as there isn’t much information online about that, so I had to email a few companies and sure enough, Fraser Dingo which was the first company I already loved replied and were instantly so helpful and accommodating with children.
So we booked it immediately! We were so excited to visit Fraser, more than the actual Australian road trip we had planned actually HA.

The lady who I had been emailing must of had children herself, because she just GOT IT. She recommended everything we’d need throughout our stay there, we planned to camp on the beach so they kitted us out with tents and cooking equipment. Also they advised everything we would need to take with us, as once you get on to the island, there are very limited shops.

When we arrived, they made us feel so comfortable, they had already sent us the safety briefing so that one of us could take the kids off whilst the other sorted the paperwork side of things. Which meant we weren’t stuck in an office with the kids moaning for us to go, which any parent knows how stressful that can be.

Off we went for our big adventure around Fraser Island, we booked two days which gave us plenty of time to visit the places we wanted;

  • Maheno Shipwreck
  • Pinnacles (Coloured sands)
  • Eli Creek
  • Lake McKenzie
  • Lake Wabby

We had the choice to sleep at a campsite or on the beach. Of course went for the beach! BUT, make sure you bring insect repellent, the horse-fly’s are BAD on the beach when that sun goes down.

Our review on Fraser Island

Our thought on Fraser, brilliant! Each place we visited were so different and fantastic to see, but the highlights of our trip were defiantly Eli Creek, we could of easily spent a whole day there. The crystal clear waters and the natural lazy river (bring along a blow up float) made for a day perfect for kids and adults! We really loved it here.

Lake Mckenzie was really beautiful but unfortunately the weather was cloudy which didn’t make for a relaxing day on the beach. We spent a bit of time there in the water which was so warm and incredibly clear, it was just wonderful but would of been 10x better if the weather was better!

Also Lake Wabby looked incredible, unfortunately we didn’t bring trainers, and walking through the desert midday meant our feet were literally burning to walk across, which meant we didn’t manage to get down to the lake. But had we been able to get down to it, it would have been paradise. So if you do make the trip up there, it’s a good hour maybe 1.5 hrs to the lake, make sure you bring LOTS of water and don’t do it in sandals!

But you know what, we just loved the experience of driving through the Rainforest and on the beach ourselves, going on a tour bus would not have been the same at all. Being able to drive it ourselves absolutely made the trip.

So overall, we recommend any family visiting Fraser Island. It’s such a different experience that we couldn’t of got anywhere else, also Fraser Dingo really did us proud as a family, if they ever got the chance to read this. Thank you!

I’ve also added in a video of some of our best bits of the trip below, check it out 😀

Here is a video of some of our favourite moments of our Fraser Island Experience! Enjoy

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