Road tripping through America

Okay so I’ve been SUPER lazy at blogging this adventure but I’ve been getting so many messages asking about road tripping in America that I knew I had to do a blog post to send people over to! Here’s everything you need to know (well,everything we know anyways) on road tripping through America. You’re probablyContinue reading “Road tripping through America”

How we’re going to save 20k a year

This year we have over 20k coming out of our bank, 20k that ISN’T making us happy. We found ourselves in a place where we are very happy, but not settled. What more could we ask for? We go on adventures around the world throughout the year, have designer clothes, we have a beautiful family,Continue reading “How we’re going to save 20k a year”

The simple Egyptian package holiday

There we were 8 months since our last family adventure abroad. (Yeah yeah okay we did spend our Christmas in the amazing Scotland and spend a long weekend in Iceland, buuut I mean SUN!) Stu had been working so hard and we hadn’t spent much time together, we were feeling drained and with a littleContinue reading “The simple Egyptian package holiday”