I self taught myself to do photography 6 years ago, since then I have set up a successful business with my good friend. Our paths have separated slightly for the time being as I am working towards being more remote and working throughout the UK, although I don’t doubt that we will continue to dip in and out working together!

I have always had a love for photographing children and families, it’s what inspires me as a mother to see the beauty in the everyday, to be a fly on a wall and capturing the moments you so wish you could without stepping out of the moment yourself. Looking back at old family photos is one of my favourite things to do, seeing my parents in the photos is one of the most treasured things for me, instantly taking me back to that moment. That is exactly why I love documentary photography, I love coming in to your home or special place to document the everyday moments. The way we want our children to remember us or the way we want to remember them. They way their mouths move when they laugh uncontrollably, or how the cuddle in to me after falling over and I wipe those tears away, or how they put their wellies on the wrong way round. It’s the smallest of details I want to cherish. Don’t you?

Through our travels and through my Instagram I meet so many people, being restricted to one area in photography has been limiting for me. That is exactly why I want to open it up to the whole of the UK, that’s right, if you’re based in England, Wales or Scotland and interested in having those special moments documented, send me a message and lets get you booked in!

If you want to view my photography style, check out my Instagram and you can see more of my day to day photography. If you’d like to view some sessions I have done previously or other weddings, send me a message and I can show you some example albums.

Payment & available sessions

Intimate hourly private sessions – £250
This includes a private hour session with myself and a location of your choice (we can discuss where is best together). This can include couples, families, children or newborn sessions. All full resolution images included on an online link, perfect for you to save, print and share where ever you like.
Wild and Free

Full day coverage – £500
This includes me spending the day with you and your family (9am – 5pm). Being able to spend the day with your family enables the children (and parents!) to be more relaxed knowing there is a camera on them. I am able to capture the little moments, from them eating their breakfast the family table, to getting the family ready for a day out at the beach, heck I’ll even get in the water with you and capture those smiles with my GoPro. Or it might just be a day at home where I can capture all the small moments you never want to forget – tantrums and all! Whatever you plan for the day, you will feel more at ease and relaxed, by the end of the day you’ll forget I’m there…like an actual fly on the wall! I will also include all edited image taken on the day to an online link where you can save, print and share where ever you like.


Wedding Photography
Full days wedding coverage – £1000
This includes a face to face meet/skype video call to discuss your wedding in detail, to help me plan ahead with how best you want to capture your big day. I will also come to visit your wedding venue, here we can discuss the days timeline and any requests you have for your day. This also includes an engagement session, this is usually tied in with the visit to your wedding venue. An engagement session gives you the opportunity to see how I am as a photographer and also a chance for me to be as prepared as possible to get the best shots of you on your wedding day – bonus, you get some sweet shots of you as a couple.
On the wedding day, I will arrive with hair and beauty and will stay with you until it feels natural to leave, usually after the first dance/cutting of the cake.
You will then receive all edited images of the day in a beautifully presented photo box with a USB of all your images and a selection of printed images of your day.


Travel costs will vary, this will be discussed when you get in touch. Although I will do my best to reduce this as much as possible.


As a professional photographer I offer my services worldwide throughout our travels. Providing businesses, families and couples throughout the world with lasting professional images. As a travelling family we provide our services in exchange for Food/Accommodation/Experiences.

Professional experience’s photography

-Professional high resolution images of the experience/tour, can be used for marketing/advertising

– A full write up and blog on the experience

-Minimum of 5 social media posts

-A digital link to full access to your images for 6 months.

In return –  complimentary use of the experience for myself and children/friends/family

*For companies who have experiences/tours*

Professional property photography

⁃ professional high resolution images of your property/hotel, can be used for marketing/advertising

⁃ A full write up and blog on your accommodation

⁃ A digital link to full access to your images for 6 months

In return – complimentary stay at the accommodation for myself and children/friends/family

*For anyone renting their property/Airbnb hosts/Hotels*

Professional restaurant photography

⁃ Professional high resolution images of your restaurant and food dishes, can be used for marketing/advertising

⁃ A full write up and blog on your accommodation

– Social Media post

⁃ A digital link to full access to your images for 6 months

In return – complimentary meal for myself and children/friends/family

*For restaurants wanting images for marketing and exposure*

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