Dubai with kids!

It’s always surprised us the amount of people that have questioned our visits to Dubai. In fact, it’s one of three places we have only ever visited twice, the others are Vegas and California! So why do we love it so much there? Firstly, I want to highlight that Dubai is up and coming, soContinue reading “Dubai with kids!”

Caribbean island cruise

Going on a cruise was an unplanned trip for us, we had mixed emotions about going on a cruise that we had always put it off. We thought it was either for old people or for young party goers. Neither suited us, well I say that, we have met some of the most loveliest peopleContinue reading “Caribbean island cruise”

The simple Egyptian package holiday

There we were 8 months since our last family adventure abroad. (Yeah yeah okay we did spend our Christmas in the amazing Scotland and spend a long weekend in Iceland, buuut I mean SUN!) Stu had been working so hard and we hadn’t spent much time together, we were feeling drained and with a littleContinue reading “The simple Egyptian package holiday”

Weald and Downland – UK

Okay. I have to share the news on this awesome hidden treasure we’ve found! Weald and downland living museum. I am not usually one who loves a museum, far from it. But this is on another level, all of a sudden I want to learn about history, absorbing everything around me. Something I wish IContinue reading “Weald and Downland – UK”

Top 10 ways to prepare yourself to travel with children

The thought of travelling with children often overwhelms many parents, the idea of sticking your child on a seat for 5+ hours can seem daunting, and I get that. It’s not the easiest thing to do with your children but with the right planning you can make the travelling process much easier for you all. Continue reading “Top 10 ways to prepare yourself to travel with children”