The simple Egyptian package holiday

There we were 8 months since our last family adventure abroad. (Yeah yeah okay we did spend our Christmas in the amazing Scotland and spend a long weekend in Iceland, buuut I mean SUN!) Stu had been working so hard and we hadn’t spent much time together, we were feeling drained and with a little … Continue reading The simple Egyptian package holiday

Weald and Downland – UK

Okay. I have to share the news on this awesome hidden treasure we've found! Weald and downland living museum. I am not usually one who loves a museum, far from it. But this is on another level, all of a sudden I want to learn about history, absorbing everything around me. Something I wish I … Continue reading Weald and Downland – UK

Top 10 ways to prepare yourself to travel with children

The thought of travelling with children often overwhelms many parents, the idea of sticking your child on a seat for 5+ hours can seem daunting, and I get that. It's not the easiest thing to do with your children but with the right planning you can make the travelling process much easier for you all.  … Continue reading Top 10 ways to prepare yourself to travel with children