We had arrived in Luang Prabang, Laos from Vietnam, the transfer flight was no issue at all. If anything it was just a day out for Indiana, I think planes and children are often something that terrifies parents but for us it’s an adventure within it’s self. The whole process of sitting around at theContinue reading “Laos”

Creating opportunities to travel with your babies! 

Quite often myself or my husband has appointments we need to make in London. We could easily just keep the kids at home with one of us whilst the other makes the appointment. But where’s the fun in that? We always make a day out of it, today’s appointment lasted maybe a couple of hours?Continue reading “Creating opportunities to travel with your babies! “


We still had many places on our ‘to see list’ when we became parents. We weren’t prepared to put our dreams on hold and leave It until the kids got older and we’d go on our own, like many many people told us we could do. We were determined to not let having children preventContinue reading “Vietnam”

5 Countries in 5 Days.

“Choo Choo Choo, we’re going on a road trip. Choo Choo Choo, we’re guna have some fun!” Is what we were singing on the way to the ferry at Dover, UK at 5am. We had only decided two days prior that we’d get out of here! And why not? Stu had an unexpected week offContinue reading “5 Countries in 5 Days.”