Dubai with kids!

It’s always surprised us the amount of people that have questioned our visits to Dubai. In fact, it’s one of three places we have only ever visited twice, the others are Vegas and California! So why do we love it so much there? Firstly, I want to highlight that Dubai is up and coming, soContinue reading “Dubai with kids!”

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Caribbean island cruise

Going on a cruise was an unplanned trip for us, we had mixed emotions about going on a cruise that we had always put it off. We thought it was either for old people or for young party goers. Neither suited us, well I say that, we have met some of the most loveliest peopleContinue reading “Caribbean island cruise”

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How we’re going to save 20k a year

This year we have over 20k coming out of our bank, 20k that ISN’T making us happy. We found ourselves in a place where we are very happy, but not settled. What more could we ask for? We go on adventures around the world throughout the year, have designer clothes, we have a beautiful family,Continue reading “How we’re going to save 20k a year”