The Adventurous Kids

We’re Indiana and Phoenix!

We’re on an adventure, we often hear some people call it life? Let us tell you more! We live in England and instead of sitting in 4 walls to learn about the world for 13 years of our lives our parents decided they’d show us for themselves. So here we are, Home Educating half the year in England and World Educating the other half by seeing the amazing world we live in!

There’s a reason why we’re here though, we write children’s books, with our first one being released summer 2019!

T H E  A D V E N T U R O U S  K I D S  V I S I T  C A L I F O R N I A

Our books are all about the countries we visit. We wanted a way to share with our friends about the adventures we get up to, not just by uploading a picture and caption to Instagram for all the adults to see, but to actually tell a story and ignite the imagination in to other little minds! You’ll learn about the places we visit, the animals we see and the people we meet. Finding yourself drifting off in to the adventures with us!

So come and join us on this adventure and ORDER your book NOW!


To keep up to date with all the latest news about the book subscribe below  ❤

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